Button Sandbox has changed its format! It now is 48x24 rather than 50x25; it works better.

If you want to import your artwork from a previous button sandbox, simply download this pdf, which provides a detailed tutorial on how to transfer your 50x25 art to the new grid. Thanks!  ~Professor L

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Or, paste your import string in the area below.


Your export string can be found below. Copy and paste it into the Import tab to import it!

Welcome to Button Sandbox.

Click any button to cycle through its colors. The whole rainbow is available, plus white and black.

The CLEAR buttons will turn everything into their subsequent colors.

To undo your previous action, press the "U" key.

The IMPORT and EXPORT buttons allow you to import and export designs. The EXPORT feature provides you with a large string of nonsensical letters that you can copy to your clipboard and save elsewhere. The IMPORT feature allows you to paste the nonsense you recieve from the EXPORT feature into an input field and load the saved image.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, feel free to send me an email.

      ~Professor L, Web Developer